About Us

CETSS Against Racism

We are a group of secondary school students at Cork Educate Together Secondary School. We want to end racism in our school, our communities and in Ireland. We are made up of students from across the year groups of our school who are passionate about this issue.

We want to be part of the generation to…

  • End racism and discrimination in Ireland
  • End direct provision
  • End deportation – The Ireland we want is a place of refuge and welcome
  • Secure full equal rights to work and education for people in international protection

We would like to connect with other young people and communities to join forces in the journey towards racial justice and an Ireland where everyone is welcome, and everyone is treated equally.

As we are a school community we are also working towards becoming an anti-racist school that challenges injustice and helps move towards racial justice in the wider community.

You can contact us at cetss@studentsagainstracism.ie

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