4 More Birthdays

We are a group of secondary school students in Cork who care about ending direct provision.

Government have promised to end direct provision by the end of 2024.

We call on the government to bring forward this date to 2021; identify suitable alternative modes of accommodation immediately and introduce new modes of accommodation in 2021. The government must also deliver fully and immediately on the key priority actions identified in the Catherine Day Report.

Five actions you can take…

  • Sign the petition to show how many of us have had enough
  • Email the Ministers, Helen McEntee and Roderic O'Gorman, and your local TDs
  • Post our billboard on your social media with a link to this call to action
  • Make a sign for your window, bake cake or chalk your street or garden wall with - ‘4 MORE BIRTHDAYS – END DIRECT PROVISION NOW’ and post your photo @4morebirthdays #4morebirthdays #EndDirectProvision
  • Follow and support organisations pushing for justice @masi_asylum @NascIreland @IrishRefugeeCo @DorasIRL

Social Media:

@4morebirthdays on Instagram and Twitter

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